Screening process

We start by screening your startup to make certain that INCUBA StartupLab is the right match. Then you begin in StartupLab among the other startups, which are located in the heart of INCUBAs professional environment.


In cooperation with our 12 partners, we assemble a unique programme to boost your business. We match you with one of our 50+ fantastic mentors and offer you a variety of unique opportunities such as a sales coach, access to NN Market Data, 360-degree PIT stop, Team marketing etc.

Take off

During the 18 months that you can be a part of the programme, you and your startup will hopefully grow out of StartupLab. We help you progress to the next stage of your company’s development – either by continuing as part of INCUBA or moving somewhere else in Denmark or abroad.

StartupLab Partners

In cooporation with our partners we design a unique accelerator program to boost your business

If you are interested in learning more about INCUBA StartupLab – which is located at our three environments at Navitas, Katrinebjerg and Skejby – please call or write me ...

Arne Vesterdal
M: +45 2345 2624